Trip Preparation -- ALL TOURS

The following information is applicable to ALL THREE (3) Adventures at our Park


Consider the Following:

You must disclose any heart conditions, artificial joints, recent or recurrent back injury, mental or physical conditions or any other disorder that could compromise your safety as a tour participant. Our tours are not safe and are not appropriate for mentally- or physically-handicapped individuals. Women who are pregnant may not participate in any of our tours.

Our weight limit depends on one's height, body shape, and level of conditioning since the harnesses must fit comfortably and safely. And, there is a bit more flexibility in this regard with the Canyon Aerial Course Tour since Guests are outfitted in a "chest/body harness" and these have a bit more laxity in the abdominal and upper thigh girth measurements compared with the "gym" harnesses used on the Zipline Tour. (Zipline Tour gym harnesses cannot accommodate anyone with an abdominal girth more than 44 inches or upper thigh circumference more than 24 inches).

The maximum weight limit for our tours is 250 lbs. However, our weight cut-off for women is a bit lower for the Zipline Tour: in general, women must weigh less than 190 lbs. to fit safely and comfortably in the harnesses used on the Zipline Tours. (Men are usually taller than women, and furthermore, women carry their weight differently than men. Thus, the different weight cut-offs.) In reality, this rule is a generality and it all comes down to height and body size, shape, and fitness.


Release of Liability:

You must sign a Release of Liability before embarking on a Captain Zipline Aerial Adventure Park tour.

Our "Meeting Place" for all tours is our Visitor's Center just east of Salida, Colorado: 1500 County Road 45, Salida, CO 81201. Although the Visitor's Center address is Salida, some refer to this area as "WELLSVILLE." You will be turning off Highway 50 and onto a dirt road--County Road 7--at the small road sign that says "WELLSVILLE." Drive over the bridge and for .91 miles where you turn slightly Right, onto County Road 45. (When coming from the east, such as the Canon City or Colorado Springs areas, do NOT turn onto CR 45 at dead ends at the river! You must go to WELLSVILLE, turn onto CR 7 and then onto CR 45.) Our Visitor's Center is .66 miles down the road and is on your Right.


What to Bring:

  • A light jacket
  • A bottle of water for hydration, preferably in a REUSABLE bottle (we will place it in our cooler so that it is available for you at the Park)
  • Cash to buy Captain Zipline merchandise (T shirts) and to tip your Guides (Zipline Tour)
  • A camera--one small "point-and-shoot" camera is permitted per group so long as it can easily be tucked away into a pocket. Photos can be taken at the beginning of the adventure; the device must then be stowed away until the tour/course is completed.
  • Bug spray, sunscreen. But please apply before gearing up since these cannot be applied while wearing our harnesses since the chemicals may degrade the harness material over time.
  • Close-toed shoes. No one is permitted on the Park grounds with sandals of any type.
  • Hair ties, for long hair


What NOT to Bring:

  • Please do not wear baggy clothes or jewelry.
  • Smoking, chewing tobacco, illicit drugs, and alcohol are not permitted on the tour or on the grounds.
  • Pets. None are permitted on the tour or the grounds, even if your pet is an adorable baby wallaby. (Yes, we in fact had such incident.)
  • Chewing gum, food, or drinks other than water are not permitted.



We accept Visa and MasterCard only.

A 3% booking fee is applied to all reservations.

Please REPLY to any email correspondence from us by using the "Reply" button rather than generating another separate email. Typically, our email correspondence includes trip notes in the subject line, information that we use to track your reservation.


Preparation Specific to the CANYON AERIAL COURSE

Minimum Age is 8 years.

Age, Weight, Height/Reach, Supervision - Please review the Canyon Aerial Course Tour Overview page and the CAC FAQs for important details in this regard as these differ from those of the Zipline and Via Ferrata Tours. The minimum age is 8 years (see Supervision details); minimum weight is 70 lbs.; maximum weight is 250 lbs.; and the vertical reach at the fingertips must be at least 60 in.

Spectators - In times past, the issue of Spectators at the zipline property was problematic—if present, they were oftentimes without Guide supervision since our Guides were conducting a Zipline Tour and away from the area where Spectators would congregate. Now that we have expanded into a full-fledged Park, and have Staff present at all times, we are allowing Spectators, but mainly for the Canyon Aerial Course and under certain conditions. This must be pre-arranged; there is a Spectator Fee of $15; and, ALL Spectators must sign a Waiver Form and must remain in designated areas. 

Cost for the Canyon Aerial Course Tour is $69 per person


Preparation Specific to the ZIPLINE TOUR

Minimum Age is 6 years, Minimum weight is 55 lbs. If between 6-12 years of age and/or under 100 pounds, the child will most likely have to zip with a Guide (to add weight so that they can zip across to the other side and/or to provide mental focus to zip safely).

Maximum circumference of the upper thigh cannot exceed 24 inches; the waist maximum, measured around the belly button, is 44 inches. The waist dimension must be measured around the belly button and NOT around the hips where men's jeans are worn, for example. This requirement is for our Guest's comfort as well as safety and we will not compromise on this issue. Review the Lost Canyon Zipline Tour Overview page for more information as well as the Lost Canyon Zipline FAQs.

If you do not fit into the harness, we cannot accommodate you or refund your trip fee. So please take note of these restrictions. They are there for your safety and protection, our major concern.

Tips for your Guides are recommended on the Zipline Tours. A standard recommended tip is $5-$10 per person.

Cost is $89 per person.


Preparation Specific to the VIA FERRATA TOUR

Minimum Age is 14 years.

Good physical conditioning. The Via Ferrata Tour is the most demanding and most challenging adventure in the Park.

Tours are by Reservation Only. And, must be made by telephone: (719) 207-4947. There is a minimum number of Guests required for all Via Ferrata Tours.

This tour departs from 1500 County Road 45, Salida (Wellsville), CO 81201.


Meeting Site/Departure for ALL TOURS:

We depart from 1500 County Road 45, Salida, CO 81201. This is our Visitor's Center Address, which is just east of Salida and in an area known as "WELLSVILLE."

Guests are either transported by our 6WD troop carrier vehicle or van; or, they car-pool to the Park site, depending upon the volume of activity and time of year of the tour.

  • Those coming from Denver (3 hours from our Meeting Location) may take 285 South toward Fairplay. There will be a sign for Highway 291 about 8 miles outside of Salida; turn LEFT onto Highway 291 to Salida. Stay on Highway 291 for 8.96 miles until you reach US 50 (also called Rainbow Blvd.), heading EAST. Turn LEFT onto US 50; follow US 50 E for 4.79 miles, into the canyon and alongside the Arkansas River. You will then turn LEFT onto County Road 7—you should see a small sign here that says "Wellsville." Follow CR 7 over the bridge and onto a maintained dirt road for .91 miles; turn slightly RIGHT onto CR 45 and drive the last .66 miles to our Visitor's Center on your RIGHT. Park in the Parking Lot.
  • Those coming from Canon City (1 hour from our Meeting Location) will take US 50 WEST through the towns of Texas Creek, Cotopaxi, and Howard...a route that takes you through a gorgeous canyon and alongside the Arkansas River. Go past Howard for approximately 7 miles where you will reach County Road 7; turn RIGHT onto County Road 7—you should see a small sign here that says "Wellsville." Follow CR 7 over the bridge and onto a maintained dirt road for .91 miles; turn slightly RIGHT onto CR 45 and drive the last .66 miles to our Visitor's Center on your RIGHT. Park in the Parking Lot. (Do NOT turn off US 50 in will lead to a dead end at the river. You must continue West for about 7 miles past Howard until you reach WELLSVILLE.)
  • If coming to our location from points further west, such as Colorado Springs (2 hours from our Meeting Location), take 115 SOUTH to US 50 WEST; travel approximately 62 miles on US 50 WEST to reach CR 7. Turn RIGHT onto County Road 7—you should see a small sign here that says "Wellsville." Follow CR 7 over the bridge and onto a maintained dirt road for .91 miles; turn slightly RIGHT onto CR 45 and drive the last .66 miles to our Visitor's Center on your RIGHT. Park in the Parking Lot.

It is imperative that you check in 30 mins. prior to the scheduled trip time. We depart no later than 10 mins. past the scheduled trip time, and even if your dog ate your map and you thus are not present, you will miss the trip and we cannot reschedule or refund your trip fee.

No food is permitted in our transport vehicle or on the tour.

Approximate Travel Times from some major points in Colorado are as follows:

• 2.5 hours from Denver
• 3 hours from the Denver International Airport (DIA)
• 2 hours from Colorado Springs
• 2 hours from Breckenridge
• 1 hour from Canon City

If you have time to experience additional outdoors activities in and around the "Gem of the Rockies," you may want to visit the Salida Chamber of Commerce website,, or for more information.

We reserve the right to refuse our services to anyone at our discretion. Our experienced Staff members are the only ones who decide if a trip is postponed or cancelled. We go rain or shine—or snow or blow—and occasionally have to wait out a thunderstorm. If a weather system poses any danger to a tour, we usually postpone the trip a short time and then resume once the threat has moved on. For those on the Aerial Course, your time may be extended to account for lost Course time during the wait period.

This is an adventure activity and sometimes the weather does not cooperate to make everything perfect, but that is part of the ADVENTURE when you come to the Colorado Rocky Mountains for your vacation. Just adds even more to share with your friends and family. 

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