The Captain Zipline Team

Briteway, LLC owns the mining claims where Captain Zipline, LLC operates its zipline tour. Monty Holmes, a veteran Salida local and world-wide adventure seeker, runs the above companies. Over the last two decades, Monty has been developing heritage and recreation attractions for visitors looking for adventure experiences in central Colorado.

Our cables have been carefully engineered, designed, and inspected to assure our Guest's safe zipline thrills. Captain Zipline has developed a new hand braking technique that is considerably safer and more comfortable than those used in Costa Rican canopy tours, the birthplace of zipline tours some 20 years ago. We were one of the first zipline tours in the United States. This is our ELEVENTH year of operation; we’ve had an impeccable safety record during this past decade.

Experienced zipline Guides lead all zipline cable rides. Not only does Captain Zipline require its Guides to have first aid and CPR training/certification, but we also have ongoing training on a daily basis as our techniques regarding customer comfort and safety are constantly reviewed, scrutinized, updated, and improved.

Our Guide instructor, Craig, has more than a decade of service with the U.S. Navy SEALS and is an accomplished ice and rock climber, a ski patrolman, and an EMT. Such an impressive background is not uncommon here at Captain Zipline. You think our adventure tours and location are interesting? Well then, wait until you meet our Guides! These professionals come from many different adventure disciplines including: ice and rock climbing; ski patrolling; spelunking; horseback outfitting; skin, scuba, and cave diving; kayaking and whitewater rafting. Hey, this is central Colorado, an outdoors paradise! I think you’ll agree, they are a seasoned and exceptional bunch.

Your first Bunny Zip trip! Our visitors can play on this 80 ft. cable as long as needed.   Guide-and-Kid webIt’s not that hard to do. Riding a zip line is like bowling and billiards—anyone can do it, but it takes practice to do it well.

Zipline Guides are a close-knit bunch. Here we practice rescue techniques.
We have a plan! And practice makes perfect as our lead Guide brings his guide buddies home.

Just the fear of being this close to your Guide should keep our visitors flying correctly by themselves.
Regular periodic group training, review and practice...always striving for perfection.

Rescue gear in expert hands makes for a safe and secure zip line trip. ( No, we’re not sending beer and peanuts down the cable!)
Our Guides practicing again. What a great way to make a friend as once they’re roped in, they can’t get away.

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